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Grilled To Perfection

As warmer weather moves gatherings outdoors, having a fully equipped backyard barbecuing setup is more important than ever. This lineup of cooking devices and accessories can help make any outdoor meal a success.

The Ideal Temp

No one likes to guess whether meat is cooked to the right temperature, and the best way to remove chance from the equation is with help from Meater+, a smart, wireless meat thermometer. It relies on dual-sensory thermometers to report both internal and ambient temperature, which can be monitored from your phone within 165 feet of distance. The device is available for $99.

A Cleaner Grill

Save yourself the hassle of elbow grease and the wire brushes required to keep a grill clean after each use with the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot.

Much like a Roomba takes to a dirty floor, the Grillbot, once placed on a dirty grill, uses three dishwasher-safe brass brushes to scrape grill grates clear of any leftover cooking residue. For $89.95, the Grillbot utilizes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a smart CPU chip to control the direction and speed of the device.

An Even Smoke

The art of smoking meat is not typically a skill tackled by the first-time barbecuer, but the Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker makes the process virtually foolproof.

The stainless-steel, four-rack, 40-inch smoker is equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology to allow you to monitor the power, interior light, cooking time, and the meat’s temperature from either the digital control panel or your smartphone for an even, perfect smoke. The included meat probe thermometer will notify your smart device of the meat’s temperature so you will know exactly when it’s done cooking.

The Masterbuilt MB20074719 uses a patented side wood chip loading system so you don’t have to open the smoker door to reload. For $399.99, it can accommodate four turkeys, eight racks of ribs, or up to 16 chickens at once.

The Drink Maker’s Dream

An ideal companion to the backyard or patio meal is a well-made cocktail. And with the Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale, you don’t need to be a professional mixologist to make that happen.

The Drink Pro provides over 400 drink recipes available for download on the companion app, and you can add your own recipes, too. Pour each ingredient into a shaker or glass on the scale and listen for the alert when you have reached the accurate amount of liquid.

At just under $200, the device can be used for individual or party-size servings and includes a stainless cocktail shaker.

An Updated Classic

The classic charcoal grills of the past have been made over with the Everdure 4K Electric Ignition Charcoal Grill.

For $2,299, this smart grill utilizes Fast Flame Ignition to make sure your meal is cooked to perfection. The grill’s airflow control allows for balanced heat across your food with its 230- to 725-degree range.

The grill includes an LED control display that connects with an app over Bluetooth to monitor and control the grill from a distance. The Everdure 4K Electric Ignition Charcoal Grill is available in five different colors and includes a grill cover.

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